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We’re a company that really knows about plastic and  its potentials: we’ve been working with it for 50 years.

We consistently deliver high quality machined, formed and fabricated plastic components (and their prototypes).

We work with clients from all different industries and backgrounds  - industrial specifiers, buyers, designers and engineers.  We manage diverse requirements and often help work out what requirements exist when clients bring us their problems.  We manufacture bespoke products to mass produced  items and  proto-types to repetitive, stock controlled orders.

We have consulted on issues that need suitable or enhanced solutions, such as blood handling, corrosion, fume extraction, healthy and safety, operator protection, contamination, food production, nuclear waste, waste removal, storage, ventilation, presentation & displays and sewage & water treatment.

We work with clients providing design and development assistance through to all stages of material selection, engineering, prototyping, revisions and manufacture.

Come and visit us or call for an informal discussion to see how we could help. You’ll find an eager team committed to your success.