a more commercially sustainable choice for businesses.

Our blend of skill, knowledge and technical capacity places us as a manufacturer of choice for critical tank production.  Having manufactured more than 300 tanks for fire crews globally, our tanks are a more commercially sustainable choice for businesses.

Using materials which are safer, stronger, light and more durable to manufacture tanks with unrivalled impact resistance and unparalleled ease of maintenance and repair work our tanks have been used in many sectors. This tank in particular, with a 12,500 litre capacity, was manufactured as part of the latest improved design of fire engine for airport applications.  The tank offers a combination of incredible strength whilst being light compared to traditional materials such as aluminium and fibre glass.  It allows for less structural support and boasts lower running costs. It has an expected life of 40 years. It is also heat resistant – meaning paint would ignite and tyres melt before it is affected. The reduction in maintenance for our client means their business benefits from greater production time.  

Even if subject to harsh chemical processes there will be no erosion of Barkston Ltd manufactured tanks.  The plastic materials used have wide acceptance for use in corrosive applications eliminating the need for additional maintenance such as re-coating the inside or outside to guard against corrosion.

Let us help you gain significant financial advantages by using our tanks.