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Barkston's made to order isolators are receiving a big thumbs up for being functional as well as looking wonderful. Using our unique laser welding robotic process to join glove ports to isolator panels and boxes means that customers receive a better designed product which is seamless, looks great and provides stronger hermetic seals. The laser welding process also reduces the risk of thermal and mechanical stress.

Laser welding makes problems associated with traditional joining methods a thing of the past. For example, degradation, lengthy curing times and aesthetic issues with adhesive bonding; possible vibration damage with ultrasonic welding and 'welding beads' associated with hot gas welding.

Dissimilar materials (both clear and coloured) can be joined together, including most thermoplastic materials such as PMMA, PC, PETG, SAN, PA, PSU, PP, PE, PVC, ABS and exotic materials such as ECTFE, PVDF and PFA.