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The blend of skill, knowledge and technical capacity here at Barkston, The Plastic People placed us as the UK manufacturer of choice in Asia for computer to press printing plates. Using polypropylene and pvc we manufactured more commercially sustainable tanks in place of tanks traditionally made from speciality metals such as stainless steel.

The plastic materials used have wide acceptance for use in corrosive applications because they are more cost effective, eliminating the need for additional maintenance such as re-coating the inside or outside to guard against corrosion.

Operations Director Mark Carter said “To produce this bespoke tank for use in South Korea is a great reflection on British manufacturing.  We are working with a British design company and although many of the other components in the process have been produced in South Korea the technical complexity and precision requirements for two of the most critical tanks, the annodiser and the grainer, called for specialist manufacturing expertise.   In addition, choice of material was key - even subject to harsh chemical processes there will be no erosion of the tanks we have manufactured.  The reduction in maintenance for our client means their business benefits from greater production time.   Handling, installation and relocation of the polypropylene tank is also easier because polypropylene is lighter allowing for less expensive structural support.”

Any modifications and repairs can easily be made with no advanced preparation needed on the material with little down time and usually no need to remove the equipment from service.

Pictured is the tank in progress leaving for South Korea.