We are specialists in plastics with expertise in chemical processing, energy, medical, architecture, nuclear, protective equipment and transport industries.

sectors we serve


Our engineering specialists are pioneering fabrication in a material new to the UK for the manufacture of vehicle bodies that are safer, stronger and more durable.

chemical processing

We work with clients in the Chemical, Water, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Food, Photographic, petrochemical and oil industries.


We’ve expertise in manufacturing for green energy initiatives. We have made crucial, integral parts for solar panels, hydrogen fuel and wind turbines.


Barkston has produced precision machined component parts for use in nuclear industry since 1970 and you can be confident in choosing to work with us.


Rely on us to provide excellent exact standards, full traceability on all items manufactured, quick deliveries and complete confidentiality and product reliability.

protective equipment

Barkston have manufactured plastic protective equipment for food and pharmaceutical clients as well as to security, army, police and prison services.


Barkston have worked with designers and architects on a wide and varied range of internal and external commissions.