One of our polypropylene tanks used for chemical processing.

chemical processing

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Tanks for china

Tanks for china
One of our tanks, before it heads off to China.


A manufacturer of large scale water tanks in Perspex that go in to filtration centres.

Roof tiles

Roof tiles
Dale Processing wanted to semi automate one of their Acid Etching lines used for roof ridge tiles.

  • Anodising tanks
  • Cleansing tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Chemical tanks
  • Tank liners
  • Sinks
  • Trays
  • Piping systems
  • Pressure pipe work and all plumbing requirements
  • Fume extraction including Ducting, Fans, Fume scrubbers, Hoods and Lip extracts
  • Spray booths
  • Machine guards
  • Hoods
  • Filters
  • Fume cupboards
  • Pump bodies

Choose Barkston for expertise manufacturing everything from tanks to process lines with all types of plastic.  You can rely on us to reduce costs, deliver better quality and a quicker turnaround.
Barkston currently work with clients in the Chemical, Water, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Food, Photographic, petrochemical and oil industries into plating shops and Printed Circuit board manufacturers manufacturing items such as anodising tanks, Cleansing Tanks, Storage Tanks, Chemical tanks, Tank liners, Sinks, Trays, Piping systems, Pressure pipe work and all plumbing requirements, Fume extraction including Ducting, Fans, Fume scrubbers, Hoods and Lip extracts; Spray Booths, Machine Guards, Hoods, Filters, Fume Cupboards and Pump Bodies.

Barkston’s fabrication and welding expertise combined to win contracts to supply chemical processing tanks used by leading photographic brands Kodak and Fuji, cleansing & storage tanks to blue chip food and brewing companies such as Coors and piping systems for pure water for pharmaceutical clients.  We have helped design, manufacture and distribute huge (16m long x 25mm thick) graining & anodising tanks for well respected OEMs who provide full production lines that make printing plates globally. Working together for over 20 years, Barkston has improved the product quality, production times and reduced costs by migrating welding techniques from the traditional hot gas and extrusion methods to newer laser welding methods.

Another area of expertise is in providing key parts that make up abatement systems to the consumer electronics market;  for 15 years we have been helping clients to reclaim precious metals through acid filtration.

We are able to bring further value to our clients in the design and planning stages.  Responding to a requirement to semi-automate their hand etching business led to our designing and installing a new design etching line alongside other suppliers for a client. Our solution enabled bottling and other glass items to be etched en masse and semi-automatically, improving health & safety as well as significantly reducing costs for the our client.