Our mobile privacy screens have helped tackle MRSA.


our work

We stock an extensive range of medical grade plastic which we use for our work with prosthetics clients.

Our unique laser welding process produces optically clear joints and superior bond strengths.

Choose Barkston for expertise manufacturing with all types of plastic including medical grades.  You can rely on us to provide excellent exact standards, full traceability on all items manufactured, quick deliveries and complete confidentiality and product reliability.

Many pharmaceutical clients approach Barkston because we can deliver exceptional bonding and precise unfailing quality that they have not found elsewhere. We are pleased to help our pharmaceutical clients by adding value in other ways, such as recommending ways to improve product design and manufacturing.

Barkston have produced bespoke, individual plastic fabrications such as piping systems and tanks for pure water to varied, larger scale productions such as mobile MRSA proof privacy screens, manifolds, baby incubators, culture holders, blood sampling equipment and isolators to suit all market sectors and budgets.

We are currently assisting development of revolutionary small scale, portable dialysis machines and CAT & MRI scanners requiring precisely machined components.