We're helping BNFL decontaminate water in nuclear processes with our acrylic exchange filter.


our work


An acrylic ION Exchange filter for BNFL involving very high tolerance and quality CNC work.


We won a contract to build a steel and polypro enclosure for the disposal of radioactive concrete reactor which was being decommissioned.

Barkston has produced precision machined component parts for use in nuclear industry since 1970 and you can be confident in choosing to work with us. Our quality assurance team are fully conversant with the inspection standards of strict tolerance manufacturing and we have systems and procedures in place to ensure we meet the demands and standards expected by the nuclear industry. We work either to the exact specifications of our clients or in collaboration with our clients using our specialist design team.

We have

  • produced components for both “inside and outside the plant” applications.
  • worked with a number of agencies involved with the decommissioning of nuclear power plants providing them with the specialist environments necessary and required for their work. Our leading technical abilities and specialist materials knowledge have also been used to help British Nuclear Fuel Ltd where we calculated and produced for them a vessel which could cope with a pressure of 10 bar to accommodate radioactive slurry filtration.
  • worked with many sub-contractors in the industry providing advice, guidance and precise, consistent manufacturing and also the Ministry of Defence where we developed test rigs for nuclear power plants on atomic submarines.

We undertake projects working either to the exact specifications of our clients or in collaboration with our clients and other supply partners using our specialist design team.